Ending the Addictions Cycle

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This teaching represents freedom from an epidemic in America and the world. This epidemic is far more widespread than statistics can even lay a finger on because there is much more to addictions than just legal and illegal drugs. Addictions are anything that we cannot lay down as an act of our own will; an area of your life where you are no longer in control. It is something that we turn to instead of God to try to disassociate from the real problem.

 You are not the problem!

 If you are not the problem, what are you really dealing with?

Addictions are the result of us deciding to be a physical being and not a spiritual being. The enemy has an agenda to keep us from operating as spiritual beings because he wants to keep us separated from God, ourselves, and others. He does this by making us focus on how to satisfy our physical feelings with things that cannot sustain us or bring any form of restoration and recovery.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright addresses addictions from two sides, from a Biblical and spiritual perspective and also from a physical and biological perspective. He opens up the totality of understanding of what an addiction is and offers real solutions from the Bible to overcome addictions in your life.

God needs to become our source once again, only then will we truly thrive in health, wholeness, and freedom from addictions.