LORD God Revelation by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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The Lord GOD, LORD God Revelation

By: Henry W. Wright

Understanding the mystery of the Godhead

Have you ever wondered why the distinction between the Lord GOD and the LORD God in the Old Testament? (King James Version)

The Godhead needs no longer remain a mystery that cannot be understood or explained. Through study and understanding of language, you will find the three persons of the Godhead.

Explore the Emmaus Road Revelation of Jesus Christ

What is the Godhead?

Is it possible to know which member of the Godhead is speaking?

Which member of the Godhead is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

Which member of the Godhead is the LORD God of the Holy Prophets?

Is the Godhead a plural unity [echad] of three persons or one person with three personalities/dimensions?

You too can have an Emmaus Road revelations!

Lord- Adonay      GOD-Yehovih      LORD- Yehovah  God-Elohiym

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