About Us

At Be in Health and Hope of the Generations Church we are committed to establishing generations of overcomers. Dr. Wright’s teachings have helped thousands of people overcome disease and be restored to wholeness in spirit, soul, and body.

By personal experience and by observation, we have seen how the truth continues to make people free, no matter what their background, experience, childhood, or culture. Our team is made up of real, authentic “pilgrims in progress,” who are teaching others to have similar victories. Because we have walked through and overcome many obstacles with God’s help, we are able to come alongside others so they can also recover themselves. All the materials we offer reflect this mission and dedication in assisting you in your walk out and in your journey and overcoming.

Our focus is to distribute truth from the Bible found in Be in Health resources to God’s people all over the planet that they may grow in their journey with God. We aim to do this in a cost-effective and timely manner that is fair to our customers, offering assistance before, during, and after delivery of these resources.

Everything offered at our Resource Lounge on our campus in Thomaston, GA. is also available on our webstore. If you have a question about shipments, delivery, or ordering, please see the links below.

Thank you for your purchase!