Download Instructions

So how do I get my Downloads?
Thank you for purchasing Be In Health’s downloadable teachings!  After you purchase an MP3 or eBook teaching, you should receive an email to your registered email address, usually within 3 to 5 minutes after purchase, with an access link to receive your downloads.

 With some ISP’s in certain circumstances, an email may take 15-20 minutes to arrive. Before contacting customer service for an email re-send, please (1) Wait at least 20 minutes to give the email time to arrive, and (2) Check the spam/junk mail folders to see if your ISP has accidentally routed the email there.  If your email hasn't arrived after 20+ minutes and isn't in your spam folder, please use the Contact Us pages to let the resource center staff know and we will get a re-send of your download link.  Please contact us from the email address you used when purchasing the download.

Please note: Purchased downloads are available from the download server for: up to 12 months after purchase, or after 10 download accesses to the server (whichever comes first). After downloading your teaching, we recommend that you include your downloaded teaching in any personal backup strategy you employ to preserve your photos, documents and other valuable data, to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the teaching long after the above availability window expires.

NOTE: With the recent introduction of eReaders & MP3 players into the market we have attempted to keep up with the demand for making Be In Health material accessible on all levels.
With that said, we also seek to keep the e-products, both MP3 & PDF files, secure with the tools we have available to us.  We have considered distributing our e-products through larger distributors such as Apple & Amazon for the purpose of compatibility, but the gross majority of the sales go to their organizations.
The PDF format is widely used.  We do not have the ability to test how the security settings on each of the eReaders on the market handle our products.  Electronic files (MP3s & PDFs) have not been tested with all electronic devices & are not guaranteed to be compatible with your electronic device.  Some security measures on our products may interfere with how your device interfaces with our files.  Be In Health will not be held liable for any damages of your device or lack of desired performance of the product on your device.

Before You Download...

, the downloadable products on our webstore are COPYRIGHTED.  File sharing is not permitted with these files. 

Second, to insure that the MP3 files play across multiple platforms, they are uncompressed.  Keep in mind when you attempt to download a two hour teaching (ex. Separation, Father's Love, Lord GOD Revelation) it is over 100megs in size. If you have a dial up connection, it is very possible that the download will timeout before you finish receiving it.  For eBook files, the file size is dramatically smaller & is not a problem for dial up connections.

Third, the PDFs are printable, and you may print them out FOR PERSONAL USE, but they do have a watermark on each page when they print out.  Electronic copying of text is prohibited.

After clicking the link in your email to access the download, you will be given a list of all files that make up the teaching.  For eBooks or very short teachings this may be only one file.  For most audio teachings, the teaching is broken up into multiple MP3 files. Upon clicking on one of the files from the resource you just purchased, a pop-up window will appear.  SAVE THIS FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER DESKTOP (or a dedicated folder you can easily retrieve the file from.)  If you simply open the file & then choose not to save it, you will not have it for later listening or viewing.

Finally, go to your computer's desktop where it was saved & open the files.  Your default MP3 player will then open the file.  Most computers come with software that will play an MP3 file.  If it does not have one, you can download one at Apple.  For eBook files, you will need the Acrobat Reader in order to view the file.