Overcoming Depression by Henry W. Wright

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Depression is an epidemic running rampant through our modern society. It is often considered a life sentence with only the continued crutch of medication to sustain some semblance of normality for those afflicted by it.

What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

God is so much greater than the bondage of depression and He has provided a way of escape. His will for you is not just survival but that you would truly thrive in relationship with Him, yourself and others.

Through this comprehensive teaching on Overcoming Depression, Dr. Wright unravels what depression is and why it’s there, but also provides real solutions directly from the Bible.

Through the teachings and ministry at Be in Health® many people have been delivered from the prison cell called depression.  The joy of their salvation is their new normal instead of depression. Father God wants to heal and recover your heart too. 

There is life and life more abundant even after depression.  Don’t wait another day to start Overcoming Depression.