Rejection by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Do you ever feel a deep sense of being unwanted, thrown away, or not good enough? Or maybe you feel like you can never measure up to the expectations of others. The pain of rejection can cut deep and affect every area of your life, especially your self-confidence and ability to maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships.

You are not alone! Rejection tells us that nobody understands what we are going through. So when conflict arises, we are quick to retreat. Did you know the Bible says that Jesus was despised and rejected of men? He was tempted in the same way, yet without sin.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright will teach you how to go to your Father regarding your value and identity. He brings clear, Biblical understanding into what rejection looks like so you can identify it and overcome its bondage.

Have you built up defense mechanisms of fear of man and withdrawal, or outbursts of anger, or had an insatiable need to prove yourself and build yourself up in pride? Maybe you’ve become resistant to the very thing you crave most – love and acceptance. It’s time to tear down the strongholds that keep you from confidence in your identity and relationships.

The Biblical truth is this teaching contains the key that God can use to set you free and heal your heart today.

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