The Father's Love by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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This teaching covers one of the most important truths you will ever hear!

Dr. Henry W. Wright and the Be in Health® Team have taught this material all over the world. And without exception, they’ve found that 95% of audience members do not remember hearing their earthly father say, “I love you.” Or if they did hear it, it was not demonstrated to them. It is important to hear these words from a father.

The Father’s love serves as the foundation for all physical and psychological healing by God. The separation from the love of a father is one of the great tragedies of our generation. It will affect how you receive your heavenly Father’s love and acceptance.  It is essential for your relationships and health to understand that your perfect Father in Heaven loves you!

Many people have received emotional and physical healing when they finally receive the love of their Heavenly Father. Healing can begin as God heals a heart from the tragedy of the past and fill the voids resulting from this breakdown in the family unit.

Are you ready to go deeper in the Father’s love today?