Be In Health Foundations

The foundational  principles that produce disease spirit, soul and body.  A Series for how to overcome in all areas of your life. This collection starts with the Father's Love, a teaching to prepare your heart to receive God's love as  Father. Also contains how to recognize temptation, sin and goes over steps to help you come out of agreement with it.

Explains accusation and  fear and why they  are present in almost every area of relationship. Breaks down the strongman of bitterness with all its armor, contains information on the different types of religions and cults and how  to identify the beliefs they represent.   Discusses how drugs tie into  pharamakia and sorcery and how they can provide a cover up for the real issues not to being dealt with.

Contains a teaching on some of  the most common diseases identifying the possible spiritual roots.  Explains E&J's and it's  ultimate goal, identifies areas you  may not have realized was occultism, discusses the Godhead and how to identify who is speaking in the Bible, talks about what a spirit of pain is and how it operates and much much more....