Biblical Insights into Allergies by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Biblical Insights into Allergies

By Dr. Henry W. Wright

Seasonal allergies and food intolerance are becoming increasingly prevalent in our culture.

Be in Health® has become an internationally recognized authority on the healing and prevention of simple and complex allergies.

There are all sorts of diet schemes, avoidance plans, nutritional supplements, options for detoxing, etc. yet no real solutions. At Be in Health®, we offer real and lasting solutions so that you can get healing from allergies. No more avoidance! God wants you to enjoy the things that He created. He designed your body to be able to process your environment and food without adverse reactions.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright helps you simply understand the physiological and biological mechanisms of allergies as well as the spiritual root causes. In addition, he teaches you how to overcome allergies in your life using sound Biblical principles.

If allergies have held you back and robbed you of the things that you love, it is time to become free.

Tens of thousands of others have applied the Biblical principles presented in this teaching and been healed. With God’s help, you can overcome and be free from allergies too!



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