Accusation by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Have you ever been in a situation where information was twisted and blame was deflected onto you or someone else? This could lead to feelings of hurt or victimization. It might also lead to you to feel unsafe in relationships and cause you to struggle to trust others.

 It is important to identify the enemy’s age old tactic of using accusation to manipulate and confuse the truth. This understanding will help you pluck out the fiery darts that may have pierced you.

 In this dynamic teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright sheds light on how accusation works. Through this solid Biblical foundation, you will be equipped to overthrow accusation and regain your confidence in God’s truth. You will also be able to tell the difference between the enemy’s condemnation and the Holy Spirit’s conviction. When you identify who your real enemy is, you can regain your confidence in your relationship with God and others.

 If you feel beaten up, like you never meet the mark, it may be that the enemy is accusing you to yourself. God wants to restore your confidence and your identity in Him by removing the roots of the enemy and replacing it with His truth and love.

 This teaching is the resource that He can use to pluck you out of the snare of the enemy.

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