Bitterness by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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God the Father has restored a relationship with you on the premise of forgiveness. The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. As children of God, we are commanded to maintain an attitude of forgiveness just like our Heavenly Father. Yet, sometimes, things may get in the way that keeps us from being able to forgive offenses against us. We may hold a record of wrongs and begin to replay them over and over again in our minds. That is how a spirit of Bitterness operates in our lives. And, it doesn’t stop there; it wants to get us to broadcast the offense to others so that they may be defiled too. The ultimate goal of a spirit of Bitterness is to separate us from our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright sheds light on the spirit of Bitterness to help you identify it, take authority over it, and overthrow its way of thinking in your life. As you learn to walk in forgiveness, God will replace it with the blessing of peace, love, healing, and restoration in your life. The wrongs of others will not cause you to stumble any longer, and your relationships will not be hindered by resentment and the torment of replays.

God wants to set you free through forgiveness AND give you the ability to forgive yourself and others continually. These powerful insights will not only lead you to personal freedom, but they may help you find restoration in your relationship with God, others, and even yourself.