Fear, Stress & Physiology by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Fear and stress are more than meets the eye. Behind the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that come with fear is an evil kingdom that is motivated to not only steal your faith but also to destroy your health. Fear and stress are responsible for much of the physiological and biological disease people face today.

How can fear and stress affect our health?

How can thought affect our physiology?

Is it possible to overcome fear and stress in your own life?

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright explores the spiritual and physiological consequences of fear in our lives. He explains the pathway to disease – spirit, soul, and body.

This is the place that the Word of God and medical science perfectly converge to draw out a startling revelation:

Perhaps what you’ve been fearing isn’t the problem, maybe it is what is causing you to fear.

With these insights, you can recognize and identify what is working in your own life that negatively affects your health. You will find real solutions to help you overcome fear and stress and recover your health with God’s help.


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