Disease Prevention by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Have you ever heard something like this?
“Grandma and Mom got cancer, there is a good possibility you will too”
“Your Dad and your Uncle both had heart attacks and so did their dad.  Make sure you eat right”
Those statements may have caused a struggle in your faith for health, but there is another question almost no one asks.
Is it possible to prevent a disease that runs in your family tree without medicine or major medical intervention?
Prevent a disease? It’s absolutely possible.  The Bible says so…
The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of Disease Prevention and so does medical science.  In this teaching on Disease Prevention, Dr. Henry W. Wright explains why certain diseases run in family trees and how by applying biblical principles you could actually prevent them in your life, and in the lives of your children and grandchildren. This teaching is foundational to overcoming the enemy’s plan for you and your family’s lives.