Envy & Jealousy by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Do you often find that you are comparing yourself to others? Do you feel like there is something that you are missing that you can’t seem to obtain no matter how much you perform or how much you get? Or do you find yourself holding on too tightly to things or others for fear of losing what you do have?

The enemy will use envy and jealousy to divert your attention from the things of everlasting value and keep you fixated on the things of the world.

In this insightful teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright helps you root out and identify where envy and jealousy may be troubling you. Discover how the enemy can use envy and jealousy to rob your safety, destroy relationships, and even steal the things you seek to protect. This teaching also reveals startling insights into how envy and jealousy may affect your health.

You will learn Biblical keys to freedom that will restore you to wholeness in your relationship and identity in God and help you reclaim what the enemy has stolen from you.

God wants to restore you to peace and contentment in Him.