Inner Healing: What It Is & What It Is Not by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Taken from Pleasant Valley Days 2005. This teaching answers questions surrounding the popular ministry trends and modalities used today even in the church. Find out what true inner healing is and how to avoid imitations. Deals with repressed memory and cerebral amnesia and calling Jesus into the picture to remedy the pain of memories. Teaches how re-living the trauma  opens the door to fear and possible spirit guides. Also contains information about pathways of thought, how we can reactivate a pathway that is almost completely removed  by agreeing with the memories evoked by temptation.  We can come into agreement once again with past temptations in our lives we have previously overcome by not recognizing the enemies strategies.  These pathways dying out get us to believe the problem is back when  it may just be thoughts and feelings produced by the misfiring of  dendrites. An excellent teaching to help reveal truth.

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