Insights into Multiple Chemical Sensitivities by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Insights into MCS/EI

By Dr. Henry W. Wright

A growing number of people are becoming debilitated with an acquired, hypersensitive response to foods and chemicals with adverse physical reactions. It is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness (MCS/EI).

According to the medical community, there is currently no known cure for it and it can only be managed by extreme dietary and lifestyle restrictions.

Be in Health® has had outstanding results helping people not only deal with their symptoms but to completely overcome it and be healed. These people are now set completely free, going wherever they want and eating what they want without restrictions.

In this teaching, Dr. Wright dives into the real spiritual root cause behind MCS/EI. This teaching will help you understand not only why you are sick but how to overcome this disease in your own life using solid Biblical principles.

God doesn’t just want to heal you physically, He wants to heal you completely in your spirit, your soul, and your body. He wants to heal your broken heart so that your body can once again function the way He designed it to.

With God’s help, you too can overcome MCS/EI!