Introduction to Occultism by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Occultism is anything that offers itself in place of God as truth. It is a dangerous trap from the enemy because it involves possible solutions to our problems while preventing us from seeking God about the issues in our lives. It can even counterfeit the gifts and blessings of God to offer false peace, false comforters, disease management instead of healing, ungodly control, and so much more. The consequences of participating with occultism lead us further into the enemy’s kingdom and are designed by the enemy to destroy us. In contrast, God’s ways bring true and lasting peace, healing, righteousness, joy, and hope.

The world has been bewitched to seek anything and everything apart from God to satisfy their needs and desires. Unfortunately, occultism isn’t just a problem in the world; it has also found its way into the church to cast a stumbling block before God’s people.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright offers Biblical instruction that will give you the discernment you need to recognize occultic spirits that may have gained access to your life through your agreement and participation. You will also understand how occultism works in the world and the church. This teaching will equip you with the tools you need to overcome occultism and to be activated in the Kingdom of God by His true Spirit.

It’s time that God’s people step out of the darkness and into the light so that God’s Kingdom can come to Earth as it is in Heaven.

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