Overcoming Allergies

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Overcoming Allergies

Includes a Cutting-Edge Revelation Exposing that Autoimmune Diseases May Be a Form of Allergy.

By Dr. Henry W. Wright

Nearly half of Americans have some form of allergies. Their world revolves around avoidance and medication to try to alleviate their symptoms. Yet little is known about why we get allergies and the medical community can only offer limited relief. 

Is it possible that allergies can be inherited?

Could it be that many allergies are psychogenic – the product of thought?

Is it possible that autoimmune diseases represent the fact that you may be allergic to yourself?

In Overcoming Allergies, Dr. Henry Wright addresses these questions and the real root causes and solutions to allergies that no one talks about. He takes you on a journey into understanding the immune system and its role in allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Today, thousands of people are walking in health. They are free of allergies and autoimmune diseases because they applied the Biblical insights that they learned at Be in Health®. You can too!