Insights into Pain by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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Insights into Pain

By Dr. Henry W. Wright

Some people live every day with pain. Long-term pain can steal your faith, wear you down, produce depression, or even drive you to lash out in anger and hostility. Because you were not designed to live in chronic pain; it wears on you!

At Be in Health®, we look at the spiritual roots of disease, including pain. In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright discusses psychogenic pain versus organic pain, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, and non-bacterial inflammation such as prostatitis.

He not only offers valuable insights into the biology and root causes behind pain but he also offers real, Biblical solutions to help you overcome it. You don’t have to continue in pain, God wants to make you whole and pain-free, and He wants to help you. Find out how!