Overcoming Passivity by John and Adrienne Shales

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There is a place where we may find ourselves feeling stuck. We know God's truth; we've learned how to be an overcomer, but we can't get anywhere. We can't seem to create meaningful connections, and it's very challenging to recognize or communicate our feelings.

We have an enemy who will stop at nothing to find ways to cause separation from God, ourselves, and others. In this case, he's utilizing an age-old and silent weapon called passivity.

Passivity makes you ineffective in your relationships, especially in your conversations with God. It can manifest as a false comforter keeping a person stuck in a consistent state of apathy. These are just a few of the effects that Passivity can cause in a person’s life. The consequences of passivity in a person's life and relationships can be devastating.

In this influential teaching, Pastors John and Adrienne Shales expose this debilitating mindset and share their journey of overcoming. Through their transparency, you will gain tools to help aid your efforts to overcome - whether you are male or female, married, or single.

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