Your Financial Revolution - Gary Keesee

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Are you ready for a Financial Revolution? In his foundation 5-book series, Gary Keesee shares with you how his life was radically transformed by tapping into God's Kingdom! There are countless promises in God's word concerning prospering financially, but why are so many Christians not experiencing this?

Remember, God does not have any money, there is no money in heaven. Money is a product of the earth realm. So, if God doesn't have money, how then how does He help us financially?

Gary Keesee had the same very question. God told Gary the reason you are not prospering financially is because you have not taken time to learn how My Kingdom operates. Once Gary made a commitment to dive into God's word and learn how His Kingdom operated, his life, not just his financial life, but his entire life was transformed!

In this 5-book series Gary takes you by the hand and walks you through how God's Kingdom transformed his life in every way! Once you start reading you will not be able to stop!